Birbal Goes to Heaven


Emperor Akbar liked Birbal a lot. He was clever and witty. This displeased some people in Akbar’s kingdom. They were jealous of Birbal and wanted to get rid of him. All their plans failed. They never could succeed.

birbal goes to heaven

Then one day the Emperor’s barber came up with an evil plan. He too did not like Birbal.

Next morning the barber went to trim the Emperor’s beard. Akbar was enjoying his morning shave when the barber said, ‘Oh! My lord, I have to tell you, I dreamt of your father last night!’ ‘Really?’ said Akbar. ‘Tell me more about your dream. Did he say anything to you?’

Oh! yes, he said he is very happy in heaven. Though sometimes he misses the company of a smart quick-witted man who can amuse him. ‘You must do something about it My Majesty’, the barber said. ‘How about you must send someone to heaven. I am sure your father will shower you with blessings for this effort.’

On hearing his father’s wishes, Emperor Akbar found himself in a fix. He was thinking who he can send. The barber took the opportunity and suggested Birbal’s name. Akbar agreed thinking his father will be delighted that he sent the smartest person in his kingdom for him.

So, next day, Emperor Akbar called Birbal to meet him. Birbal, said Akbar, ‘I firmly believe that you are extremely loyal to me and can sacrifice anything for me. Am I right?’ Birbal replied, ‘Yes My Lord. That is absolutely right.’ Then Birbal, continued the Emperor, I would like you to go to heaven to give company to my dear father.

Birbal understood this is yet another plan to get rid of him. However, he did not say anything to the Emperor. Instead, politely agreed he will obey the Emperor’s wish and requested if he can get a week to prepare himself for the journey. Akbar granted Birbal a week’s time.

After reaching home Birbal started thinking of a way to save his life. He was having his tea when an idea struck him. Birbal left his tea and began working on his idea. First, he dug a deep hole close to his house. The hole will act as his grave. Then he dug a tunnel from the hole all the way to his house.

After a week, he went back to the Emperor saying he was ready. However, has had wishes, Akbar will grant them. One was to be buried close to his house and second was to be buried alive. That way he will reach heaven full of life to amuse Akbar’s father. The Emperor heard Birbal’s wishes and happily agreed.

The barber and his friends thought their plan has succeeded..

The barber and his friends thought their plan has succeeded..

Once buried in the hole, Birbal made his way home through the underground tunnel he dug. The next six months he stayed at home and did not come out at all.

During this time Birbal understood that the barber hatched the plan.

After six months, Birbal came out of his home. He had a long beard. His hair was untidy. He wore the same clothes and presented himself before the Emperor. Akbar was overjoyed to see Birbal once again. He asked him excitedly, ‘Birbal, you are back! How is my father? Did he send you back?’

Birbal said, ‘My Lord, all is well in heaven. Your father was glad to see me. We had a good time. I served him well, he was very happy that he me to return to you. So, that I can entertain you on earth’.

Akbar was delighted. He wanted to know more about his father. He asked Birbal, ‘Did he send any message for me?’ ‘Oh! Yes My Lord’, said Birbal. ‘There is no barber in heaven. You can see from my long beard and hair. So, he requested if you can send your barber to heaven’.

Akbar understood the whole plan. He handsomely rewarded Birbal and put his barber in prison for his crooked plan to get rid of Birbal.


Birbal Caught The Thief

Once there lived a rich merchant. He had a flourishing business and earned a lot of money. He lived in a big house full of expensive items. One day he woke up in the morning and found his house has been robbed.

Birbal Caught The Thief

This made the merchant very unhappy. He spent all day wondering, who it can be? May be one of my servants, but who? And, how do I find him?

The merchant needed help. So, he went to Birbal and told him about the robbery. ‘Please help me find the thief,’ the merchant pleaded.

Birbal agreed to help to catch the thief.

Next day Birbal went to the merchant’s house and gathered all the servants in a room. He asked each one of them if they stole anything from the house. All the servants answered, they will never dare to steal from the house.

Birbal stood quietly for some time. He did not scold anyone. But gave all the servants a stick instead. ‘By tomorrow morning the person who is the thief, his stick will grow by two inches.’Saying so, Birbal asked them to finish their work and go home.

Next morning all the servants gathered in a room with their sticks. Birbal started checking their sticks. He found one of the servants had a stick smaller than the other sticks. It was short by two inches. ‘This is your thief, merchant’, said Birbal pointing at the servant.

Few days later the merchant asked Birbal, ‘How did you catch the thief?’ Birbal smiled and said, ‘Only the thief was afraid his stick will grow two inches by morning, so he cut it short to be sure his stick is not two inches longer by morning.’ And, that is how he got caught.